A Day Off

A day off work is like a miracle, especially if it’s unexpected. Happens very rarely, but there’s nothing better than when the Boss calls you to tell you “we don’t need you in today, you can have the day off” (I work as a Barista, probably the only profession where this scenario can happen). Yessssss mama, you think. First thing you do, go back to sleep. Dang it, then you wake up, much later and you have that groggy-feeling I like to call it. It’s when you’ve slept more than, for me personally, 10 hours and you feel more tired than when you went to bed.

Then you realise it’s 11am and you’ve already wasted almost half of your day off. Get something to eat, mmh I might make something nice for breakfast, for all it is a day off. You decide to make pancakes, from scratch. Doesn’t actually take that long, all it is is eggs, flour and milk and then on the pan for a minute or two. But the pancake mix just always happens to become a massive portion, like two or three liters of milk and flour and it takes you two hours to make 26 pancakes. Well, at least you can have pancakes for the rest of the week now.

1pm. Better do some laundry now I have the time. Uh I might just sort my clothes now I’m with it, while listening to loud music of course. 3pm. Better do some shopping so I can make a healthy, delicious meal now I have the time for it. 4pm. Everyone else in the household starts getting home from work. Jeez, feels like the day is almost over then, even though mine feels like it have just only started. Exercise and feed the horses (yes that is part of my daily routine). And kaboom, sun sets, it’s dark, day is over and I have achieved absolutely nothing during this whole day! (Except a weeks worth of pancake breakfasts).

I COULD have gone to the hairdresser, or for a wax (which I need), washed and cleaned my car (which it needs), caught up over coffee with an old friend that I haven’t seen in forever, done those insurance papers that has been on my do to list for six months, called my parents and made their week and probably a lot of other things that urgently needs doing.

So really instead I could have been at work for 8.5 hours and earned a whole heap of money (a whole heap is a lot said, as we all know baristas don’t get payed in whole heaps), but it wasn’t really my choice, I just did as my Boss told me, right. Also I probably feel very well rested for tomorrows work day!

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