Great news, placebo works! But it actually really does. I was listening to this podcast about Linda who, for 10 years have had pain ect. (other nasty things that don’t need mentioning here), due to so-called bowel syndrome. I have met lots of people suffering from this illness. Issue is, I think, that no one really knows what it is, therefore it is really hard to cure. She had tried all different kinds of medicines and treatments but nothing had changed a thing, until she tried placebo. What!
The doctor told her straight up front; “hey, here are some sugar pills, they are not designed to have any therapeutic value, but give it a shot”. She must have thought, I’ve got nothing to loose so why not. She did, first two days nothing happened of course, but the next few days, her pain went away and it stayed away! The doctor even took the placebo pills away from Linda and she immediately stating to feel sick again. He then began giving them to her again and the pain and illness went away again.
How does that work? She didn’t have any expectations towards the pills, she was probably expecting them not to work, yet they did, even though there is no medicine in them. Confusing, but does it makes sense? It’s all inside our head, controlled by our mind and our subconsciousness. Somehow her, and a whole heap of others in this study, cured their own illness, with a pill they knew had absolutely no effect.

So that made me think of course, it will probably make you think. But I thought, how about the other way around. Can you make yourself sick? I know that people can be hypochondriacs and can create illness and diseases they’ve read about and so on. But in most of those cases I’ve heard of, the doctor can’t diagnose them with anything, because they don’t actually have a disease. But, if you can cure yourself from something, you can surely make yourself ill, there can be no doubt. I actually believe curing would be harder than creating. But I can’t find any useful studies on this, like the ones that have been made about placebo, Linda and many others.
These days we are so aware of all the diseases and illness we can suffer from and how it can hit anyone. Now it’s not just people who are unfit, unhealthy, smoking or have bad genes. It’s everyone, young and old, healthy and unhealthy. All the things we are exposed to, microwaves, light products, technologies, preservatives, all different kinds of radiations and radioactive substances. And we are very aware of these elements. I reckon, we can create diseases in our minds, subconsciously. I personally think to myself, in the future we are gonna have a massive issue with different sorts of cancer due to these above mentioned elements. I am gonna be one of them, no way I am going to be able to go through life healthy and with no diseases. Am I creating cancer in my own body with my mind? We are so aware of it. I am so aware of it. There is a blister in an odd spot in my mouth, just under my tongue. Right, must be cancer, I eat too many lollies with too much shit in it, I have given myself cancer. But I haven’t, it is just a blister, but can that mindset actually create cancer? Cancer from nothing, like the cure from nothing, the one that Linda managed to achieve. I bet you it can.
Our mind is stronger than any medicine, but it’s not acknowledged in our society, it’s too “spirituel” and not scientifically approved, therefore no good. We have no complete understanding of these aspects and probably never will have or can have, which is maybe why it works, or maybe works. It is out of our control, but yet completely under our control!

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